3 Key Features of Round Shank Bobcat Auger Teeth

3 Key Features of Round Shank Bobcat Auger Teeth
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3 Key Features of Round Shank Bobcat Auger Teeth
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3 Key Features of Round Shank Bobcat Auger Teeth

Round Shank bobcat auger teeth are a special type of cutter tools designed deliver maximum performance and output in the most demanding condition. In an ideal situation, these types of teeth are mostly used for drilling hard rock conditions. That is due to the incredible features that enable them to deliver in such demanding conditions.

Round Shank bobcat auger teeth are manufactured from the highest grade of material in the industry. That is the reason why they can deliver in rough conditions with minimal effect from wear and abrasion. Here are the main features that make round shank bobcat auger teeth stand out from the rest:

High Strength

One of the key features that make types of Bobcat auger teeth popular in drilling is high strength. That is due to the manufacturing process used for the making of these types of teeth. Round shank bobcat auger teeth are made from heat treated steel or forged steel which ensure high strength properties. It is also important to note that these teeth are made from the highest grade of carbide material for the tip, tungsten carbide. That is how the high strength features in these Bobcat auger teeth has been used.

High Wear Resistance

One of the biggest causes of poor auger teeth performance and productivity is the rate of wear resistance and abrasion. But that is not the case with round shank bobcat auger teeth. These teeth come with incredible wear resistance and abrasion features that make them stand out for hard rock condition drilling. Therefore, you will not have a problem with frequent repairs and replacement of the teeth. Your drilling machine will also deliver consistently high performance over an extended period. That is because the sharpness of the teeth can be maintained for long.

Long Life Cutters

The lifespan of the round shank bobcat auger teeth is as a result of combining two key features that comes with these teeth. First, these types of drilling teeth are made from highest grade materials such as steel alloys for the body and tungsten carbide for the tip. Due to this quality of materials, these teeth offers incredibly high resistance to wear and abrasion. The fact that they are less affected by wear and abrasion simply means that you will have fewer repairs and replacement. Therefore, these bobcat auger teeth come with an extended lifespan which helps in cutting the cost of operation.


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