ATR Auger Tool Continues to Impress Drilling Contractors

ATR Auger Tool Continues to Impress Drilling Contractors
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ATR Auger Tool Continues to Impress Drilling Contractors
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ATR Auger Tool Continues to Impress Drilling Contractors

ATR Auger Tool Continues to Impress Drilling Contractors

As part of the larger family of JYF Machinery, ATR is doing extremely well in the industrial tool market as a manufacturer and supplier of world class auger teeth amongst other drilling tools. Besides being a relatively new company, its entrance into the industry has definitely caused a buzz in the market due to the kind of products they are releasing. As a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of auger teeth, the company has tremendously expanded its market coverage significantly showing its determination for dominance. Today, you will find ATR auger teeth being used all around the world.

Founded in 2013, ATR has grown to be one of the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier drilling tools. Their aggressiveness and combative way of doing business has been over the time highlighted as one of the elements that have made the company topple even the older players in the industry. One of the biggest things that makes Auger Teeth Replacement stand out in the market is the quality of their products. It’s one of the major reason why their products have been accepted globally. The level of customer satisfaction is extremely high, and that can be seen from the customers who have used these machines. Not many startup manufacturers receive such an overwhelming positive.

In the time when inferior auger teeth increasingly become a nuisance in the market, ATR stood out is one of the few reliable companies that can be trusted with quality. The company has not disappointed, and the quality of their auger teeth has been improving over the time. But to achieve such a consistent quality over the years, they have invested heavily in quality raw material, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and a highly qualified team of engineers.

Quality of ATR is mostly gotten from the raw material.  For the years they have been in the manufacturing, the company has been using the highest grade raw materials in the market. Drilling is machine intensive and requires incredibly tough cutter tools that can withstand such hard condition. That is what the company has been providing the market with and the reason for the incredibly high customer satisfaction.

ATR auger teeth tips are made from the highest grade of tungsten carbide. The company uses double grain composition of Tungsten carbide which is one of the hardest metals in the market. Unlike the widely used standard ‘coarse grain cemented carbide’, this tungsten an extremely powerful hard and durable metal.

One of the biggest advantages of tungsten carbide material is its high resistance to wear and abrasion. The material wears doesn’t wear off, and you can hardly notice. That explains why ATR teeth can maintain the sharpness of the tip for a long time. In addition, the auger teeth body is constructed from the highest grade of steel metal. The company uses forged steel and carbon alloys of steel. These are extremely hard types of steel metals that offers incredible wear and abrasion resistance properties.

In addition, the company uses braze welding technology to secure the tip to the body. Braze welding does not break and can withstand incredibly high pressure and temperature generated drilling the drilling period. Therefore, these are the kind of auger teeth that any contractor would want to have on their drilling attachment.

ATR is extremely versatile in drilling teeth manufacturing.  They produce teeth for a range of drilling machines. They have teeth for all types of auger attachments including lay soil auger excavator auger, backhoe auger, earth auger, rock auger, digger auger, stump auger, and others. In addition, the manufacturer for drilling buckets, core barrels, casing shoes and Diaphragm walls. That is one of the major reasons why drilling contractors around the world prefer buying from ATR since they have a one-stop shop for all their drilling needs.

The company has their factor in which designing and manufacturing is done. Being a relatively new company, they enjoy the benefit of having some of the latest machinery for the manufacturing auger and other drilling tools. The factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, and that’s why they are able to process orders very fast and still maintain high quality. Their products are available at a friendly price with compromising the quality. Customers are also allowed to visit the factory where they can buy products at a wholesale price.

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