Buying Used Auger Teeth: Feature to Lookout For

Buying Used Auger Teeth: Feature to Lookout For
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Buying Used Auger Teeth: Feature to Lookout For
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Buying Used Auger Teeth: Feature to Lookout For

Buying Used Auger Teeth: Feature to Lookout For

Investing auger teeth is not a cheap, especially if you are looking for quality cutter tools. But the question is what does quality mean? Quality of the teeth does not mean products from the original manufacturer. That is a misconception that if you need to quality, you can only find it in the original teeth. The truth is that used teeth are a great option of auger where you can get quality auger cutter tools.

Unlike the created perception, used teeth or drilling tools does not mean a tool that has been found faulty and thrown away. The fact is that these are teeth that have been used but return to the market after refurbishment. They are given back their effectiveness, and there is just a slight difference between what’s sold as original teeth.

However, the quality of these teeth is not controlled, and thus there is the likelihood of getting inferior quality teeth as wells. However, there are reputable companies that are known for selling high quality used teeth auger teeth. So to get the best teeth, there are a few things that you must take into account to get it right. Here is a guideline that can help you to get the best-used auger teeth in the market.

Producer Reputation

The brand of the manufacturer is a critical factor to consider when it comes to buying used teeth. You don’t trust any product because it is on the market. There are numerous fake products which are extremely poor in quality. Therefore, selecting the manufacturer is one of the best ways of knowing whether you can trust the quality or not. If you are buying from the manufacturer for the first time, make sure that you have check their reputation. What the previous customers are saying about their products can help you a lot.

Material Used

Once you have confirmed the reputation of the manufacturer and certified they are good to work with, it is time to check the quality of the material used. Companies use different materials for the construction of the teeth depending on the nature of ground conditions they will be used in. If you need rock auger teeth, then you need to invest the highest grade materials. Make sure that the teeth are tungsten carbide tipped while the body is made from alloy steel or tempered steel. But if you are digging soft soil or sandy soil, then any carbide tipped teeth and steel body will be good.

These are two features to look out for when buying used auger teeth. However, you should consider the soldering quality and longevity of the teeth.

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