Features of Pengo Auger Teeth 40/50

Features of Pengo Auger Teeth 40/50
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Features of Pengo Auger Teeth 40/50
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Features of Pengo Auger Teeth 40/50

Whether you are drilling foundation or just poling, having the right auger teeth is critical. With numerous types of teeth on the market, you have a vast range of options to choose from. If you are using Pengo auger, then the company is available a vast collection of teeth to select from. Pengo auger teeth 40/50 are some of the popular auger teeth that the company has released to the market. But what are the features that excite operators? Here are some of the features of Pengo auger teeth 40/50.

Triple Locking System

One of the key features of Pengo auger teeth 40/50 is triple locking system that enables the user to optimize their drilling. You will be impressed by how versatile the teeth is and more so the fact that you can drill at different secure angles. These types of teeth feature a triple locking system that allows the auger stay secures at either the 40 degrees or 50 degrees angle. That gives the operator the versatility while drilling on any surface. So with this type of teeth, the user can work on a variety surfaces or grounds depending on the required output.

Forge Alloy Steel Teeth

The material that has been used in constructing the teeth is a critical factor to consider while choosing auger teeth. It is a factor that greatly determines the longevity of the teeth, and that’s the reason why you need to consider it carefully. For these Pengo auger parts, you will be impressed to find out that they are made from the highest grade of steel and its alloys. That means you can use these teeth for drilling on different surfaces including rocky and abrasive soils. The steel material also increases the performance of the lifespan of the teeth greatly.

Carbide tipped

The tip of the auger tooth is major factor to consider while selecting the teeth. Fortunately, the Pengo auger teeth 40/50 have tungsten carbide tips thus making it one of the versatile teeth on the market.  With carbide teeth, it simply means that you can work with this Pengo auger parts for longer and on a different surface. The carbide teeth also enable the Pengo auger to operate even in the most demanding conditions such as rocky and abrasive soils. Tungsten is also extremely durable, and thus you will enjoy the services for longer. So you will definitely get value for money by investing in Pengo auger teeth 40/50.

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