How to Tell You Need Auger Teeth Replacement

How to Tell You Need Auger Teeth Replacement
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How to Tell You Need Auger Teeth Replacement
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How to Tell You Need Auger Teeth Replacement

When it comes to replacing your auger teeth, what should inform you? Well, there are signs that should tell you when the time is right. If you are an experienced operator, it is not difficult to read some these signs. However, it can be a little tricky to identify most of these indications if you are new in the drilling industry. For the newbies, we have rounded the major signals that should tell you that it is time to get your auger teeth replaced. These are major signs of worn out auger teeth:

Reduced performance

Although the performance of auger depends on various factors, reduced performance is one of the key indications that your auger teeth need to replace. Note that auger teeth do the actual cutting work. Therefore, if you start experiencing a reduction in performance and the condition of the soil has not changed, then check your auger teeth. In most cases, the teeth could be blunt and dull thus making it difficult for the auger to drill any more.

Overheating of the Machine

Overheating is usually associated with low efficiency. Low efficiency, on the other hand, is usually associated with poor drilling teeth that makes the auger and the prime mover to work extra hard. If your prime mover starts overheating, something not happening before, then it is advisable that you consider checking the condition of the teeth. In most cases, the blunt and dull teeth are usually the problem. It could also be broken auger teeth. So check all these factors.

Humming Machine

The humming of the machine could be associated with various factors, and one of them is poor teeth condition. If you start hearing some unusual sound coming from the prime mover, then you might as well consider the state of the teeth. Humming is associated with a reduced efficiency that causes the drilling equipment to overwork. Auger teeth replacement could be the only way that to rectify the problem.

Increased Fuel Consumption

If you find that you are consuming more fuel than before and the condition of the soil has not changed, then it could be a sign of worn out teeth. Inferior quality or worn out teeth causes the machine to overwork thus consuming more fuel. Replacing auger could easily rectify the condition. So if you are using more fuel than before and there has been no significant change in soil condition, then check the auger teeth.

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