Look out for these Features While Buying Pengo Auger

Look out for these Features While Buying Pengo Auger
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Look out for these Features While Buying Pengo Auger
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Look out for these Features While Buying Pengo Auger

Look out for these Features While Buying Pengo Auger

If you are planning to replace you Pengo auger, how would go about it? Well, that is a fundamental question that you should get answers to. If you are doing the replacement for the first time, then you need to be very cautious. The market is very tricky and hostile for the newcomers. So, while planning to go for auger shopping, there are few things that you need to considers. Here are key features to look out for to ensure that you have bought a good quality, Pengo Auger.

The Brand

Even before you go into details, it is highly recommended that you start with the brand. Note that not every Pengo auger for sale could have actually come from the Pengo manufacturers. There are many counterfeit and fake products in the market today. Some will come disguised in the name of popular brands such as pengo. So be wary of fakes. One of the best ways to avoid fake products is by buying from the actual company or authorized dealer. If you cannot find Pengo auger, there are various alternatives such as Lowe, Beltec, and Bobcat amongst others.

The Tip of The Auger Teeth

Which the type Pengo auger that you are using; the type of teeth tip matters a lot. That is one of the key factors that will determine the performance of the machine. If you are drilling on rock surfaces, it is highly recommended that you get carbide tipped teeth. But, there are numerous types of carbide materials, but tungsten carbide is highly recommended due to its incredible properties such as high wear resistance and impact resistance.  They are the perfect cutting tips tough conditions such as foundation drilling. So, for any Pengo auger for sale check the type material the tip is made from.

The auger Body

Having the best teeth will not yield any good results if the auger body is of inferior quality. Auger are some of are exposed to very tough conditions and thus the need to have very tough body. That’s why you need to ensure that the Pengo auger for sale is sturdy enough to handle such conditions. The most recommended material is steel or its alloys. Steel is best known for its properties such as high resistance abrasiveness. It is also essential to ensure teeth body is also made of the highest grade of steel or its alloys. Together with carbide tips, you will definitely have a powerful Pengo auger.

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