Mistakes to Avoid While Drilling

Mistakes to Avoid While Drilling
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Mistakes to Avoid While Drilling
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Mistakes to Avoid While Drilling

Mistakes to Avoid While Drilling

Foundation drilling is one of the toughest drilling tasks and one that requires specialized tools. Unlike most of the drilling works, this type of drilling is quite expensive. From the prime drivers to the tools used, massive investment is required. That is why it is important to ensure that you are getting value for money out of your investment. However, there are some operation mistakes that make it difficult to get value for your investment. Here are some of the major mistakes that you should avoid while drilling:

Drilling Anything Anywhere

This is one of the major mistakes with commercial drillers. When comes to foundation drilling and other forms, the condition of the soils matters. All foundation drilling tools are not multipurpose. With the aim to cut on the cost of wear parts, manufacturers design tools for specific conditions. Therefore, most of the available tools cannot be used on any surface. There are tools designed for loose soil whole other work best in rocky soil conditions. It is prudent to use the foundation drilling tools on the right surfaces. For instance, by exposing teeth designed for the loose soil to rocky surfaces, you will be shortening their lifespan.

Poor Drilling Skills

Just like any field, skills matters when it comes to foundation drilling. But this goes down to the operator and their level of skills. Depending on the surface and the intensity of the work, the operator must be skilled to deliver peak performance without compromising the condition of the machine. However, some of the operators are less skilled and thus end up misusing the equipment. They don’t understand the speed that the machine should be operating at and how to reduce wear on the tools. Therefore, it is important to get an experienced and skilled operator behind the equipment. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get value for your investment.

The Cooling Mechanism

Lack of proper cooling mechanism is another mistake some people make. Drilling result in the generation of a lot of heat as the cutting bits grind their way through the soil. However, this can be harmful to the tool if it not controlled. In normal drilling such as poling, air is widely used as the main cooling agent by removing the auger from the hole from time to time. But when it foundation drilling, water is the most efficient way to control the heating of the drilling tools. But you must use enough water to ensure that tools are preserved in a good condition. That way, you will get value for money from foundation drilling tools.

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