The 3 Features That Makes Rock Auger Teeth Unique

The 3 Features That Makes Rock Auger Teeth Unique
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The 3 Features That Makes Rock Auger Teeth Unique
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The 3 Features That Makes Rock Auger Teeth Unique

The 3 Features That Makes Rock Auger Teeth Unique

Drilling surfaces vary depending on the nature of the soil. Among the toughest surfaces are the rocky surfaces common to foundation drilling and in rare cases the pole drilling. Due to their tough nature, rocky surfaces require special kind of augers that can produce peak performance and still retain a good condition for long. Rock auger teeth are the special type of teeth for such conditions. So what makes rock auger teeth special for the tough condition? Here are the key features:

High Performance in Extreme Condition

Rock auger teeth are the kind of teeth designed to produce extremely high performance even in tough conditions. All you need as an operator is to ensure that they are used properly. If coupled on a powerful auger, the teeth can produce incredible output. It is important to note that rocky condition also matters in toughness but these teeth are designed to handle any of them with a lot of ease. So with these teeth, you have everything that you need for high output in rocky conditions.

Versatility and Compatibility

When it comes to versatility, then rock auger teeth stand out from the rest. It is one of the features that stand out in most the rock teeth that are available in the market. Apart from being design for the rocky soils, they can also be used on other types of soils such as abrasive types. They can also work extremely well on soft soil. When it comes to matters compatibility, then rock teeth offers the best in that. They are the kind of teeth that can be used on a vast range of machine brands. So if you are operating some auger brands, most of these teeth are compatible with most of them.

Extended Lifespan

How long an auger part serves you is an important factor to consider. You need to invest in a drilling tool that will serve you for long without compromising on the quality and the level of output. But the most important thing that defines the lifespan of any industrial tool is the quality of the material that has been used for its construction. For the rock auger teeth, they are made from the highest grade material. The body is made of premium quality steel or its alloys while the tip is made from tungsten carbide. These two material have incredible properties that give them incredibly long lifespan if correctly used.

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