Tips on How to Extend Bobcat Auger Teeth Useful Life

Tips on How to Extend Bobcat Auger Teeth Useful Life
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Tips on How to Extend Bobcat Auger Teeth Useful Life
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Tips on How to Extend Bobcat Auger Teeth Useful Life

Tips on How to Extend Bobcat Auger Teeth Useful Life

Augers are some of the most useful tools when it comes to drilling applications. From the typical nature of the soil, they are exposed to very harsh conditions and thus the high rate of wear and tear. The most affected auger wear parts are the teeth. Just by being the parts that do the actual cutting, they are definitely the most affected by wear and tear. In most cases, they become dull and blunt to work efficiently.  But there is a lot that you can do as an operator to help reduce the rate of teeth wearing. Here are tips that will help you improve you Bobcat auger teeth lifespan:

Proper Training

Just like any other industrial machines and tools, how bobcat auger is used will have a direct impact on the teeth lifespan. In fact, most of the wear and tear are just from sheer negligence and ignorance on the part of the operator. That is why the training of operators is very crucial. It is only through training that the operators are taught how to use the auger correctly. They are also trained on preventive maintenance basics, which includes the use of the teeth and more so the best speed under various conditions. So, through proper training, you can reduce the rate of wear and thus improve your auger teeth lifespan.

Quality Teeth

One of the primary cause of high rate wear of auger teeth is poor quality. It is a problem that the industry is struggling with especially with the influx of manufacturers in the market. Buying original auger teeth is also proving a challenge to the counterfeit flooding products all over the market. So, you have to be wary of all these risks.  You need to have quality bobcat auger teeth to enjoy an extended period. The only way to get a quality replacement is by buying from Bradco store. If there are no Bradco stores near you, buying from an authorized dealer only. Any other place apart from these two is a huge risk.

Proper Maintenance

Maintenance is essential if your machine will last for long. For the Bobcat auger or any other type of auger tool, it is important to have wear parts, and more cutting parts or teeth maintained adequately. For instance, if you regularly maintain the Bobcat auger teeth, you will be able to identify problems early improve it. You might identify a crack on tooth surface and have it rectified to increase your auger teeth useful life. So make sure that proper teeth maintenance is done regularly.

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