Why Investing in Pengo Auger Flat Teeth

Why Investing in Pengo Auger Flat Teeth
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Why Investing in Pengo Auger Flat Teeth
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Why Investing in Pengo Auger Flat Teeth

Why Investing in Pengo Auger Flat Teeth

If you are in the drilling industry, then the selection of the auger and auger teeth is very crucial. You need to have the right equipment and auger teeth for the job. For the longest time, Pengo augers have been a favorite to many due to the effectiveness and performance in various conditions. However, the choice of the Pengo auger teeth depends on the condition being drilled.

Among the must-have cutting tools is the Pengo auger flat teeth. These are special types of auger teeth designed with extreme versatility when it comes to drilling work. Flat teeth are not unique to the pengo augers but all other types of auger attachments. That is due to their incredible features. But what are the key features of Pengo auger flat teeth? Well, here are the reasons why you need to ensure that you’ve gotten the best out of your teeth:

High performance in a Range of conditions

One of the major benefits of flat auger teeth is their incredible versatility in use. These are the type of teeth that can be used on various conditions and deliver astounding results without compromising the condition if the teeth. Unlike rocky auger teeth, flat auger teeth are designed for soft to medium conditions. They can produce high performance in sandy condition and abrasive soil. That is the reason why they are must-have cutting tools in your foundation drilling activities.

Good Lifespan

If used properly, these teeth are designed to last for long. Just like the rest of the Pengo auger teeth, these teeth are constructed from the highest grade material. That is the reason why they are extremely powerful and durable. The body of the teeth is made for the premium steel material while the tip is made from carbide. To achieve extreme quality, teeth are constructed from alloys of steel while the tip is made from tungsten carbide. The two are known for their resistance to steel and carbide.

High Productivity

Depending on the size of the teeth and the conditions they are subjected to, flat teeth have proven to produce incredibly productivity. Therefore, these are the kind of teeth that you need to invest in if you feel that you drilling machine is underperforming.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider investing in Pengo auger flat auger teeth. These teeth come with immense benefits and more so astounding performance in various conditions.

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