How Weld On Carbide Tips Works And Benefits

How Weld On Carbide Tips Works And Benefits
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How Weld On Carbide Tips Works And Benefits
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The term weld on carbide is widely used in the market, but most still got confused about what it means. For starters, weld-on carbide is the method used for making the joint between tungsten carbide tips and the body of the cutter tools. If you have auger bits that have carbide tips weld-on, it means that these bits have joints made from the welding method.

How Does Weld On Carbide Work

For the formation of the joints, weld on carbide tips is not difficult to form. In fact, it is one of the easiest joints to form since you don’t need a lot of things to set it up. What you need are the body of the teeth and the carbide. Unlike in Brazing, you don’t apply any form of flux to make this joint. That means the whole process is a bit less complicated compared to the brazing technique.

The formation of the joint is pretty simple. What is need is just heat get to make these joints. The surface of the steel is treated with pure cobalt, which has magnetic properties. It helps to keep the carbide in place during the joint forming. The two metals are heated to their melting points. The steel body heats pretty faster than the tungsten carbide tip, although both heat up. When the steel body melts, it flows over the carbide material to form a strong bond. That’s how weld on carbide tips are formed.

Benefits of weld on carbide tipped parts

There are many benefits that come with weld on carbide tips. One of these benefits is high strength and hardness. Carbide is one of the metals that offers the best high hardness and strength properties. So, when you invest in weld on carbide tips, you can expect to get high strength tools that can deliver even in the most demanding conditions.

The other benefit is faster cutting, which causes high cutting performance. This means that performance and high productivity of the machine. You will also get cheaper tools compared to braze technology. Unlike brazing technology, weld-on method is cheaper and still provides one of the best quality.

Lastly is durable tools with weld on carbide tips. Carbide material is one of the metals that withstand high levels of abrasion and wear. That’s because of the high strength and hardness features. Therefore, you will have parts on your machine that will last for a very long time.

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