c31hd-25mm, conical carbide teeth for rock augers
B47K19-H-38/30mm, Rock Rotary Drilling Bullet Teeth for Rock Augers

c31hd-25mm, conical carbide teeth for rock augers

Fitted To: Soil auger, Rock auger, Tapered auger, Continuous Flight Auger (CFA), Full Displacement Piles (FDP), Cross core barrel, Centrifugal core barrel, Special core barrel, Soil bucket, Rock bucket, Drilling bucket, Cleaning bucket,Hydromill trench cutter, Slurry wall cutter, Cutter soil mixing (CSM)
Description: C31hd, Round Shank Tooth, Kennametal Teeth,Round Shank Chisel,Bullet Bits, Conical Teeth,  Rock Auger Teeth
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