Foundation drilling is one of the most machine intensive activities in the drilling industry. In most cases, this form drilling is common in infrastructure construction, ground drilling such as boreholes and so on. Whether you are doing deep foundation drilling or shallow foundation drilling, the quality and effectiveness of drilling tools is a critical factor to into account. Due to the harsh or demanding conditions that foundation drilling equipment are exposed to, the quality of the foundation drilling tool is critical for the overall performance and productivity of the machine. There is a vast range foundation drilling tools depending on the kind of drilling and the conditions of the surface being drilled. Whether it is rotary drilling rig tools, the market has everything you need for all your drilling needs. However, the most important thing to consider is the kind of foundation drilling that you are doing and drilling attachment being used. Whether it is a rock auger, core barrel, casing shoe, drilling bucket, trench cutters or diaphragm walls, these drilling attachments require to be fitted with the best drilling cutter tools to deliver significant performance.

Drilling Auger

Foundation augers are the most common drilling attachments. Their flexibility in use is one of the reasons why they are widely used in most of the foundation drilling. These augers can be used for compact soil such as clay, highly compact cohesive rocks, slightly cohesive sand and sand-gravel mixtures drilling. However, these augers also vary in design and application and so is the auger teeth and auger bits used on them. There are rock augers, stump augers, digger augers and backhoe augers. Rock augers are the most common and are in a number of varieties including single start augers, double start augers and tapered rock augers amongst others. The difference between these augers is their designs and cutter teeth layout. All these foundation augers are fitted with special kinds of auger teeth or auger bits designed to deliver in demanding conditions. Rock auger teeth or rock auger bits are constructed from highest grade materials that can withstand hard and abrasive conditions. Although carbonated or forged steel is used for auger bit body, carbide tips for the teeth are highly most recommended to the incredible properties that they come with. Carbide auger tips provide high resistance to wear and abrasion, and thus they are extremely versatile in application. They can be used for a range of soil conditions. Whether you are looking for soil auger, sand auger, or rock auger teeth, carbide auger teeth are the most recommended. Rock auger is designed for compact conditions. In foundation drilling conditions where the soil is too loose for the rock auger, other tools are used. If you are drilling a borehole and the soil becomes too loose, then you need a drilling bucket to do the job. These are special foundation drilling tools that provide incredible performance in loose soil condition. However, if the drilling condition becomes extremely hard for the typical rock auger, then core barrels in conjunction with tapered rock auger will do an incredible job.

Foundation Drilling
Foundation drilling is one of the most machine intensive activities in the drilling industry. In most cases, this form drilling is common in

For the infrastructure construction, diaphragm walls and trencher cutters the most widely drilling attachment for the digging of the trenches. However, these machines must be fitted with the perfect foundation drilling tool to deliver great performance. Among the best cutter tools for such intense drilling are the Weld-on carbide teeth. Whether it is bobcat auger teeth, McMillen auger teeth, Pengo auger teeth or Jiffy auger parts amongst other brands, they must be tungsten carbide tipped. That is the only way that you can get peak performance and productivity of your drilling machine. The bottom line is that when it comes foundation drilling tool, the quality is the essential thing to consider. Brand may not be important when it comes to the drilling equipment’s overall performance and productivity. Whether it is Bauer drilling tools or Kennametal teeth, what matters most is the quality of the cutter tools. Check the material used for the construction of the teeth. Carbide tipped teeth, or weld-on carbide teeth are the most recommend for foundation drilling. At Auger Teeth Replacement, we have all your replacement needs covered. We are not only providing quality foundation drilling tool but affordable tools.